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Just be sure you MAKE me time for yourself. On my 2 jobs I was working 60 hours or more a week and after 2 years I wasn’t much of a person anymore. Just take it slow and don’t be afraid to say you can’t do it! ; u;

You’re so awesome and more person than I can handle, lol <3 awwwwWWW thank you so much, I’m not afraid to punch life in the face when it’s pushing me over the edge, I’m just more afraid of no money / w\ 


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Holy crap - can you really juggle that many jobs? D: I was running myself raw on just 2 jobs, I can’t imagine 4.

Well, I /think/ I can, but mostly because two of them run on my own terms (commissions and the internship)… unfortunately those two mean the MOST to me and my future but currently dont bring benefits from a steady job source, let alone the internship being unpaid :/

The housekeeping job I was able to squish down to just Wednesdays. They weren’t happy about it, but like… they should take care of their own goshdang house lol. Also, the work I do over the course of 9 hours/3 days will now be done in just 3 hours :/ If anything, this will be the job I boot off my list if I start to go insane haha <3

Chipotle is like, the COOLEST work environment I could ask for as a first ‘average job’. It may be fast paced, but everyone working there is totally awesome and I’m good at mundane, fast work :P <3

I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay, it’s just really worrying to think about how little ‘me’ time I’m gonna have now :’c Then again I’m spoiled with ‘me’ time compared to most <3


; A;

Now Liz has 4 jobs ^ u^;;;

Commissions, Concept artist internship, housekeeping/maid AND Chipotle.

Oh boy.

The hardest one to maintain will be the commissions :/ I drew today, tho! SO THATS SOMETHING. 

This will be my last few days where Im not 99% stressed to the max.. then again maybe everything will be smooth sailing~